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Latest Information Updates

10/18/2020 - Huron Theatre - Ubly - Mike Reisner
This building has the beautiful new facade on it and has been used every storage building quite a few years now.
10/18/2020 - Goldfront Theatre - Cheboygan - Jason
This has since been torn down and the lot is vacant.
10/12/2020 - Regent Theatre - Jackson - Nancy Sisk Young
During years 1934-1936 we lived in Jackson and I was often requested to dance between movies, which were double features back then.

I was only 4 and 5 years old and I was the Shirley Temple style dancer. I only have an old letter from them written to my mother with instructions on what to wear, time to be there, etc. It's all so long ago, I realize, but I was wondering if there are any old show billings or news articles from that time where this information may be recorded and/or copies obtained. My name was Nancy Ann Guignet and my parents were Roy and Ethel Guignet.

I believe my father was employed at a company called Hartman's at the time, but I may be wrong. I have many wonderful memories of Jackson from those days. Loved our backyard fenced with wonderful grapevines covering it Off hand, I can't recall the address. however.

It should be on a census for that time, however..
10/6/2020 - Cherry Speedway - Fife Lake - Cole Maxson
I'd heard stories from around Traverse about the racetrack. However it closed in 2015 after a new owner bought it. In 2016, a new track was proposed in the nearby Boardman Township in Kalkaska County. However, I don't believe it never came to fruition.
10/6/2020 - Center Raceway - Grawn - Cole Maxson
No traces are left of the raceway anymore. Just a gravel pit off Lemcool Road.
10/1/2020 - Michigan State Fairgrounds - Detroit - Walter Hermance
What a waste of land the old Fair Grounds are. The State must be losing money in Taxes. We could have had a rade track of some kind bringing in money from any event held there.
10/1/2020 - Kellogg Field - Battle Creek - Terry Brandli
I lived in Battle Creek but didn't have my own car until 1964. By then they where not racing any longer at Kellogg field. The information I was told was the club wanted to buy the strip they where using but instead of selling the strip or the rights to continue using it, the city closed it to drag racing.
9/26/2020 - Tel-Ex Cinemas - Southfield - Garrick Dew
I was an usher at around 85 to 86.

Favorite time there was when we showed Breakfast Club. Worst movie was Care bears. There were alot of really great people that worked there. I joined the Airforce at 18, but I have many fond memories working there.

9/26/2020 - Meredith Drive-In Theatre - Meredith - Tracey Puhar Shell
In 1986 my parents Alex an Sharon Puhar owned the Meredith Drive Inn along with the Restaurant Shar Al's (1975 purchased) we closed the drive inn after the summer of 1988, selling it later in the mid 90's tonwho has it today. The Restaurant was operated for 35 years by our family after the passing of my mo. In 2002, we kept it until 2012.
9/19/2020 - Nordic Theatre - Marquette - Ray Roney

:) This theatre Address is actually 136 W. Washington, Marquette, MI. The Google Maps is incorrect also, and should be updated. Thanks for keeping this site going as it's a treasure-trove of info that is invaluable to keeping the memories of these theatres and other attractions still alive and going.

:) - Ray..
9/14/2020 - EMagine Canton - Canton - Cameron Kanachki
They have added a Super EMAX auditorium in the theater, like the auditorium at Emagine Novi. The Canton Super EMAX opened with The Rise of Skywalker. The Canton & Novi screens are the biggest in Michigan.
9/14/2020 - Lincoln Park 8 - Lincoln Park - Cameron Kanachki
I was in the old parking lot about a month & a half ago. The Star Theatres sign is still there.
9/14/2020 - Greenville Drive-In Theatre - Greenville - Kerry Gunderman
My father, Jim Gunderman, went to work for the Chipmans in the early 60’s.

He worked at the Greenville Drive-In for 20+ years. He also worked at the Ionia Drive-In, and the Belding Theater/Roller rink. It was a big part of my entire childhood. We spent many a weekend there cleaning up trash, collecting and repairing speakers, etc.

It was also a big playground. When we were done working, we would ride our mini bikes and go-carts on the property. Once we started driving, it was a great place to “socialize. ” There is not a feeling I have ever experienced in my life, quite like getting to the Drive-In before dusk and anticipating the start of the movies.

It was always magical, no matter how old I was..
9/14/2020 - Waterford Hills Raceway - Clarkston - Bobby Fehan
Waterford Hills Raceway is were I started my road racing career. What a great time we had, with a great group of people.
9/8/2020 - Ionia Drive-In Theatre - Ionia - Kerry Gunderman
My father went to work for the Chipman’s around 1961 or 62.

He managed the Greenville Drive-In exclusively for 21 years, and was an off and on Manager of Ionia Drive-In and a theater in downtown Belding. The theater had a roller rink above it which he was also in charge of. Unfortunately, Belding tore down most everything on Main Street to build the mall. The Chipmans also built Drive-In’s, in which my father was part of the building crew.

I recall him working on the one in Mt. Pleasant and another further north that I can’t think recall right now. The Chipmans sold their interests and Russ moved to the Florida Keys. I had an opportunity to speak to him in the early 80s.

The Chipmans were good people and we’re good to our family..
9/4/2020 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Mike Cuddington
My dad who is 73 was just talking about this race track and recalls a race car he thinks was the number X-10 and was sponsored by a shell gas station in Ferndale. I think he said this was back in the late 50's early 60's. Anyone recall this car or have pics? I think he said it was a 40 Ford maybe?.
9/1/2020 - Monroe Speedway - Monroe - Evan05
You can see that the track was where the current Monroe County Fair is held every year.

NASCAR ran one race at this track on Sunday, July 6, 1952. This was the 20th race of the 1952 season. 15 drivers started this race, while only 9 continued the 200 Lap/100 Mile race on the. 500 mile dirt track.

Tim Flock qualified on pole at 57. 6 MPH. The race lasted a little over 2 hours and only two drivers finished the race on the lead lap, them being the winner Tim Flock in his #91 and second place Herb Thomas' #92 (both in 1952 Hudson's). Lee Petty finished 3rd in his iconic #42, completing 199 Laps when the checkered flag flew.

The average speed of the race was 44. 5 MPH. This win was Flock's 6th of the 1952 season and the 14th of his career. He went on to win two more races that season and ended up winning the 1952 NASCAR Grand National Championship.

The earliest aerial I found of this track was in 1957, when the track was already deteriorating. The last you can see of the track surface is in 1973. The grandstands stood there for a decent period of time after the track wasn't being used anymore. Somewhere between 1993-2000, they took the grandstand down to make more room for the expanding 'Monroe County Fair'.

Your Welcome! Any more questions. just ask..
9/1/2020 - Prairie River Speedway - Centreville - Byron Samuels
Looking for no. 80 my dad and mom both raced there I was born in 1949 and looking for pictures ours got destroyed.
8/28/2020 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Dennis Ross
All of the recollections bring back quite pleasant memories.

I too worked at Edgewater Park, during the summers of 1973 & 74. My first real job. On day 1 I remember my boss, Nollie Wisehart (sp), handing me a pickup stick and trash bags. He offered a ride on his motorized cart out to the really large gravel parking lot, instructing me to “clean it up”.

Four hours later Nollie rolled back out there and sat speechless, dragging on a cigarette. I had collected every gum wrapper, cigarette butt, cup, scrap of paper, popsicle stick, and unmentionables in sight. I must have passed his test, cause he gave me a ride back into the park and never sent me out there again. But, no one escaped cleanup duty after closing.

I spent those two summers performing ride maintenance and serving as one of two break men (giving ride operators lunch & dinner breaks). One of the most significant feel good moments of my life was being trusted to operate the roller coaster. Braking the coaster was completely manual, unlike modern computer-controlled attractions. That aspect made for some nervous moments during early signs of rain.

I used to entertain the patrons who stood around the top of the Rotor waiting to ride, by standing up and out from the wall as the ride spun at full speed. I received quite a lecture when I did it at Cedar Point. Edgewater was one of the most interesting and fun places I’ve ever worked.
8/27/2020 - Grand Rapids Speedrome - Grand Rapids - Bruce Venema
My family went to the Speedrome almost every weekend back in the day. I am 76 now but still remember my favorite, Little Beard Haan. The car was named Stinky and had a White stripe down the middle with a skunk attached to the roof above the windshield. Great memories.
8/23/2020 - East Side Drive-In Theatre - Harper Woods - Garyrc
Regarding the megaphone sound of 1938, complaints from neighbors required a new solution for 1939: I call it a speaker on a stick.

These appear to be familiar speaker poles, with a stationary box on top holding the speaker. The sound would be directly adjacent to your car but not inside it. (RCA would invent the in-car speaker in 1942, but was not widely installed until after WWII. ) These boxes were used until 1948, when the in-car speakers were added instead.

The East Side and West Side were the first drive-ins in this area and likely Michigan to install electric in-car heaters in October 1957..
8/22/2020 - Bel Air Drive-In Theatre - Detroit - William L Harris
My Dad drove the train at Kiddie Land Park, next door, and my brother and I work at the Drive In picking up paper and trash between ramps. I was 11 years received $1 a day. Of course the shows were free.
8/18/2020 - Cameo Theatre - Detroit - Jean Klue Hirsch
Although I went to Nolan Junior High, my grade school was Courville. I lived on Maine Street between Robinwood and 7 Mile Road. The Cameo was a fairly large theater with a mothers room where women could take care of their small children and still watch the movie! Our branch library was near there also. I can’t remember it’s name, but I practically lived there.
8/18/2020 - Mars Theatre - Detroit - Jean Klue Hirsch
I lived on Maine Street five houses from Robinwood from 1949 until 1962.

The children of this neighborhood did, indeed, go to the Mars Theater every Saturday afternoon. It was jammed, noisy with talking, laughing and kids having a good time. I saw “The Long, Long Trailer” with Lucy and Desi there. I had never seen a trailer before.

When we first moved into the area there was an old store At Coanut and 7 Mile Road, that kept live chickens in cages to sell. By 1950 it was gone. A shoemaker and repair shop stayed. The shopping center across 7 Mile had an A&P, a Kresege, a ladies clothing shop, a bakery, and a Cummingham’s drugstore.

On 7 Mile toward the west, was a “Father and Son” clothing store, a shoe store, a dentist, Dr. Upfall, and eventually a Catholic religious goods store. On the corner on Main and 7 Mile, there was a paint store which gracefully shared their paint sample chips with two small girls who grew up to artists. I went to Courville Elementary School, Nolan Junior High, and Cass TechHigh School.

There was another movie theater in the neighborhood called the Cameo. It was on 7 Mile near Nolan. It was larger than the Mars and had a mother’s room where mothers could care for their small children and still see the movie!.
8/11/2020 - Sky Top Drive-In Theatre - St. Louis - Shelly Bellamy
My dad J. C. Miller owned the sky top (or was in the process of buying it and managed it from 1975 or 1976 to jan of 1978 when he passed away.
8/8/2020 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Richard Markel
I happened to see someone asking about the filthy few racing team out of Detroit.

I was a member of the filthy few racing team. We use to meet at j & d standard service on Moran in Detroit. Sunny Vaughn was our president of the club. We use to race a lot against the brothers racing team.

We had business card that said, you have just been assisted by a member of the filthy few racing team. We gave the cards out to whoever we beat in a drag race. I am thinking that it was 1964 to 1968 or 1969.
8/6/2020 - Cinema One - Manistique - Jon C.
This theater has been remodeled and is back open with a new name of Cedar Street Cinemas.
8/5/2020 - Flint Motor Speedway - Flint - George Hagon
I'm not sure this is it, but if you look at the Kroger store at 1200 E Bristol Rd, Burton, MI 48529 on google maps, in the southwest corner of the property, it looks like you can still see the north end of the track. It is fenced off from everything else. Sometime soon I may go take a look and see if I can get some pictures of it.
8/5/2020 - Flint Motor Speedway - Flint - Jayson reynolds
Its next to the Kroger on Bristol just west of 475.
8/1/2020 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - Edward K
The Warren Theatre opened on January 30. 1942.

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